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Limitations: This website will not be responsible for any damages happen to you physically or financially. You should be using all the products at your own risk as we do not give any sort of guarantee. We have not been involved in the manufacturing business so we are just supplying the products manufactured by others. That’s why we cannot provide you any guarantee. You are supposed to use every product after consulting the doctor because your health is important and you should not be taking any risk.

Updating content: The material or content appearing on this website may contain typographical, photographic or technical errors. Our team does not give any warranty regarding the contents of this website and they do not give any warranty that this information is complete, accurate and latest. We can make changes in the content present in our site at any time independently and without any notice. It is also to inform you that we do not commit to keep on updating the information from time to time.

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Terms and conditions: There are terms and conditions for use in a website that we can modify or device at any time without any notice. By visiting this site, you agree to be bound by the latest version of these terms and conditions of use.

Products evaluation: For your information, it is being told that the products that we have been dealing in have not been approved by the FDA. Even though we have not personally experienced those products. The testimonials for claims of the effectiveness of those products have been reviewed by a few individuals and so you should not consider those testimonials as a standard. You may get more or less resources but you should not be comparing your results with those testimonials or claims. Your personal diet and lifestyle also matters in achieving results. Some of you may get outstanding results while others do not experience.

Products usage: Teenagers or children are not supposed to use any of the products mentioned in our website. If they will be doing so then they will be responsible for themselves for the risk and for the harms. This product only recommended to adult individuals who are more than 18 years old. Another important thing to consider is that pregnant ladies or lactating mothers are not supposed to use these products. In that condition, they may bear some changes in their hormonal balance and usage of any of the health supplements without consulting the doctor can be harmful for their health. Which product you want to use, you must take advice from your health care provider as he can personally analyse your health and then he can suggest you something. You should not be taking any risk regarding your health and even regarding the health of your little one.

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