Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

You should stay informed that we have the rights to use session as well as persistent cookies. Cookies are basically Small files that are stored in your system. These are sent to your system automatically when you visit our website. You should not get worried about cookies because these are safe and do not contain any harmful material. When you visit our website, the server may generate cookies to place in your system. These cookies are helpful to make the server able to remember specific information about your visit. 

Almost all the websites are sending cookies to the systems of the users because cookies are helpful for the website owners as well as for the visitors. From these cookies, the site owners will be getting the information about your site and it will be easy for them to maintain the record of the visitors. When it comes to the benefit of cookies for the visitors, they can have the best experience and they can search anything on the site within no time as the history of their past activity on the site is automatically saved. 

The purpose of the cookies is to provide the best experience to the users. With the help of these cookies, you can use dynamic features of our website. Cookies can only collect information about the browser but we cannot select personal information about you.

There are basically two types of cookies that are temporary cookies and permanent cookies. Temporary cookies remain in your computer as long as your web browser is open. When you will close your browser, these cookies will disappear automatically. When it comes to persistent or permanent cookies, these are stored in your computer for long time. 

Temporary cookies:

Temporary cookies are also known as single session cookies. The purpose of sending these single session cookies to your system is to provide better navigation to you through our website.  In simple words, these cookies are for technical purposes. Session cookies inform our server that you are there in our site at a specific time. Such cookies are only going to stay in your computer as long as your Browser is open.

Persistent cookies:

Another name for persistent cookies is multi session cookies. These cookies are helpful for analyzing Google Analytics and web trends.  These are helpful to differentiate between new and returning visitors on the website. With the help of Persistent cookies, developers can get to know about your preferences and tastes. Ultimately, we can put efforts to provide you the best experience with our site.

How to opt out of cookies?

If you do not want to have temporary or even permanent cookies placed on your system by our site or even by any other sites then you have the right to disable cookies from your browser. Even if you opt out of the cookies, you will still be able to access the information and content present on the site. However, if you disable cookies from a website then you will miss some of the features of

Whether we will send you temporary or permanent cookies, you should feel free to accept them because these are harmful and adjust for the purpose of improving the quality and speed of our services. 

You are not at all bound to accept these cookies but customise the settings in your browser and set the cookies settings according to your own will. We are a professional company and we are not sending any doubtful or scam cookies to the computers or cell phones of our website visitors.