Privacy Policy

Personally identifiable information that we collect:

This is a type of information that gives us the detail about who you are. Personal information is required for some special purposes. When you will be engaged in certain activities on this site, for example you will need to register for membership, post or share content in discussion forums or other public areas, order a product or a service, fill out a survey, participate in a contest or give us your feedback, you will have to provide such personally identifiable information. You are to provide this personal information by filling out and online form. The visitors are not bound to take part in these activities and that’s why providing personal information is totally an optional procedure. If you are interested to purchase any product or service from our website then you will be asked to provide information for example, first and last name, cell number, email address or mailing address. If you want to purchase any Product from our website then you will also be asked to provide credit card number that you will be using for the payment. Some information that we will be collecting is compulsory for you to provide us while some information is voluntary, it all depends on the type of activity that you will be trying to do. 

Non-personally identifiable information:

Another type of information that we may collect from our customers or visitors is non-personally identifiable information. This is a type of information that does not identify a special individual by itself. We collect non-personally identifiable information in several ways and we get the information about which parts of our website you are interested to visit. Such information is collected and analyzed on personal as well as aggregated basis. This information may include the details of the browser that you are using, the website from where you just linked to our site, website that you visited next you visiting, your IP address, etc. An IP address is a number that is assigned to your computer automatically when you will be serving the web. Assigning this IP address to your computer is to allow web servers to identify and locate your computer. With the help of tracking this IP address information, we can get to know from where users belong. 

Our web servers are engaged in automatically collecting information from the browser and computer of our visitors including cookies and IP address. Cookie is basically a small text file that is sent to your web browser and it is stored in the hard drive of your computer. When you visit any website, cookie is sent to your computer. It is up to the choice of the visitors whether they want to accept cookies sent by the website or not. There are settings regarding the cookies on your browser. You must adjust those settings according to your personal choice.

How do we use information?

Once we have collected required information, the next step is to use it. We will not share or sell your personal information to the third party. We are committed not to disclose your email address or any other type of information. 

  • The purpose of collecting personal information from the visitors is to improve the services of website. We use it for contacting you regarding your membership account; improve the content of for any other developmental purpose.
  • Those visitors who will subscribe to our newsletter will receive a weekly email regarding latest promotions and deals. You can unsubscribe from newsletter at any time if you don’t want to stay updated regarding our deals and promotions.
  • When you will post a review regarding the products or services that you have purchased from a website then it will be displayed for anyone to read including some information for example your username, location or any other thing that you will input in our system. Anyways, your password, email address or date of birth is not shared with the public.
  • We may also use the information collected from the browsers and systems of our visitors so as to analyze traffic patterns, identify the sources of web traffic, and check the preferences of visitors and record session information.
  • Another purpose of collecting information from you is to prevent, investigate or take actions against any illegal activities problems with our site or as required by law. We can collect the information for legal proceedings for example, court orders, defend against legal claims, etc. In case, we will sell our company or website to third party, information collected from our visitors will be considered as one of the assets to be transferred.

After reading this Privacy Policy, you can trust on us as we are committed to maintain the privacy of our visitors. Any piece of information provided by you will be kept safe and will not be disclosed publically.